Petra Was the secret of the local Bedouin for hundreds of years until the Swiss explorer Johann Burkhardt ‘rediscovered’ it in 1812. The vast Petra region, covering some 650 square kilometers, 160 square kilometers of which is a national park, contains over 800 individual monuments and it is believed that only one quarter of it has yet been excavated. It remains an eternal tribute to a lost civilization. It has an enormous amount to offer everybody – those interested in archaeology, geology, art, water engineering, agricultural techniques, nature and landscape or just the sheer beauty and majesty of the place.


Dean Burgon, the Victorian poet and traveler, gave Petra a description which holds to this day, “Match me such marvel save in eastern clime, a rose-red city half as old as time …”



Vegetation & Wild Life
The Nabateans
The Bedouls of Petra