Ammarin's Stories

the president of Ammarins corporate

Sheik Suleiman "Iben Hassan" Ammarin

Sheikh Suleiman is the president of two of the Ammarins corporate. The Beidha Tourism Corporate and Wadi Araba Agriculture Corporate. Sheikh Suleiman – Abu Atef – is from the Hassaseen branch of the Ammarins.

A very well respected Ammarin man and appointed by the Hashemite Royal Court as the Head of the Tribe ‘Sheikh’. His pure determination and perseverance as a Bedouin has resulted in many achievements for the Ammarins in Wadi Araba and Beidha. His natural vision has created agricultural projects in Wadi Araba that are one of the most strategic in Jordanian agriculture. And his natural instinct as a survival is behind the idea of the Ammarin Bedouin Camp in Beidha. Abu Atef spends his days and nights in serving the Ammarins on all levels to develop them and improve their standards of living but emphasizing on their preservation of culture and heritage.

He is known to be a wise man and he is consulted in many tribal disputes “Hag”.

His leadership style has improved the Ammarin tribe and continues to develop in the areas of agriculture and sustainable tourism in the eyes of many experts.

Sheikh Suleiman lives in Wadi Araba but travels all the time to accomplish his mission as a leader of the Ammarins.