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Desert Cup 2002

Over 450 runners, organizers, journalist, and enthusiasts have spent three nights at the Ammarin Bedouin Camp in preparation for this annual event.

Organizers had been residing at the Camp for about two weeks getting geared up and preparing for this big event.

Guests from Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Jordan gathered at the camp enjoying Bedouin hospitality and beautiful surroundings. All services were available for the guests including accommodation in Bedouin tents as well as Bedouin food that fit the special needs of the runners that exceeded 250. One thousand five hundred meals were served to all the guests with great appreciation to the quality of service as well as kind Bedouin hospitality and help.

The event was a great success to the Ammarin Bedouin Camp and the entire local community in Beidha.

Organizers and Runners were very pleased and promised to come back again in 2003