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Camel Caravans

All Camel Caravans start and end at the Camp site. Camels are accompanied and guided by the Ammarins.


Abu Dbayyeh: 1/2 day.

Start from Sig El Barid then head up the camel route through Beidha to Abu Dbayyeh down to Gsayrah to visit Gateway to the Sun. Back to camp.


Jabal Haroon: One day with lunch.

Take the camel rout from Beidha to Jabal Haroon through Petra. Visit Aaron's tomb and enjoy lunch on Jabal Haroon "balcony". Breathtaking scenery of Petra, Wadi Sabra, El Deir, Wadi Araba, and Sharah Mountains.


Shkaret Msaye'd: One day with lunch.

Take the Sig to Gateway to the Sun then down to Ba'ajeh farm land. Head down Namalah road to Shkaret Msaye'd. Enjoy lunch overlooking Wadi Araba and the beautiful scenery of Wadi Namalah.


Jabal Garoon-Farsh Eyal Awwad: One day with lunch.

Take the camel rout to the Sig to Gateway to the Sun then head westward to Jabbu. Enjoy the farm land in Farsh Eyal Awwad plateau then visit the Ammarins' shamans old houses. Lunch at the Farsh "balcony" overlooking Wadi Araba. Up to Jabal Garoon memorial then head back to Sig El Barid through the camel rout of Ne'ayrah.


Kutleh-Um El'aldah: One day with lunch.

Visit Gateway to the Sun on the way Kutleh and Gboor Whaydat through the camel rout. Enjoy lunch at Sig Um El'aldah then head back to Jabbu. Walk up to Sunset spot to end another beautiful day in Beidha.


Um Babein-Ennagab: One day with lunch.

Head up the mountain to the old Ammarin village of Um Babein. Enjoy the camel rout through the Juniper, Acacia Atlantica "Butum", and Oak plantations. Continue to Ennagab to enjoy the beautiful scenery overlooking Ba'ajeh Neolithic village and Beidha. Walk down across the Wadi to visit newly excavated Ba'ajeh Neolithic Village. Then walk down to Sig Ba'ajeh and enjoy lunch in the shady cool Sig Ba'ajeh. Meet with camels and ride to Jabbu then walk up to Sunset spot for an end of another unforgettable day in Beidha.


El Hisheh: One day with lunch.

Head up the Sharah mountains through the camel rout and enjoy lunch in El Hisheh oak forest overlooking Petra, Beidha, and Wadi Araba. Back to camp.


Wadi Finan: Four days full board.

Head down to Wadi Araba through the breathtaking camel routes. Enjoy a round trip full board 4 day Camel Caravan visiting Um El'aldah, Shkaret Msaye'd, Um El Amad, Wadi Namalah, and the copper mines in Wadi Finan.